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Henan University of Economics and Law 2024 Master of Public Administration (MPA) enrollment prospectus

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Henan University of Economics and Law

2024Master of Public AdministrationMPA) Admission Brochure


Henan University of Economics and Law, located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, is one of the key characteristic universities supported by Henan Province。The school mainly focuses on economics, management and law, and combines disciplines such as literature, science, engineering, art and philosophy。School existing26A number of teaching departments,68The undergraduate majors, which4A national characteristic specialty,13A national first-class undergraduate professional construction site,10Provincial key first-level disciplines,2Provincial-level key second-level disciplines;Applied economics, business administration, etc12A master's degree authorizes first-level disciplines, public administration, business administration, etc17Categories of master's professional degree authorization。Current school staff2100I am a full-time student3万人。

The School of Public Administration was formerly known as the Department of Labor Economics of Henan University of Finance and Economics,2005 Integration of school administrationThe Faculty of Science and Public Utility Management established the School of Public Administration。Faculty of Public Administration 53 People, including professors and associate professors 22 People, lecturers 21 People;Doctoral degree holder 31 人。Most of the teachers are excellent PHDS from Renmin University of China, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and many other famous universities overseas。In addition, the college invited 20 Many experts and academic officials serve as adjunct professors or visiting professors。The high level and reasonable structure of the talent team has laid a solid foundation for the talent training of the college and the overall development of the college。In recent years, all faculty members have published papers in academic journals 470 The rest, presided over the national project7 Project, provincial and ministerial level 45 Awarded provincial and above teaching and research awards 22 余项。Students have won national awards in the national "Challenge Cup" Extracurricular academic science and technology works competition for college students 5 Item, provincial award 18项。The employment rate of graduates has been maintained at a high level and has been recognized by the society。

1. Training objectives

Cultivate good political and ideological quality and professional ethics,Master the theory, knowledge and method of systematic public management,Ability to engage in public administration and public policy analysis,High-level, application-oriented and composite public management professionals who can comprehensively apply management, politics, economy, law, modern science and technology knowledge and scientific research methods to solve practical problems in public management。


Second, training direction

Administrative management;Public policy;Social security

Three, training methods and learning years

1.Training mode: concentrated time class, provide dormitory。

2.Years of study: full-time2.5-4Years;part-time3-4

Iv. Enrollment plan

2024Master of Public Administration (MPA) graduate student59人。Among them, full-time program enrollment49People (including special plans4People, the special program for "retired college soldiers. Special plan), part-time plan enrollment10人。

5. Application requirements

1.Citizens of the People's Republic of China;

2.Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, good moral character, law-abiding;

3.Candidates' qualifications must meet one of the following requirements (including continuing education qualifications) :

1Graduated from university3年或3Over a year (202191Graduate before the date);

2College graduate5年或5Over a year (201991Graduate before the date);

3Master's degree or doctor's degree2年或2Over a year (202291Graduate before the date);

4.The state of physical health meets the requirements of physical examination stipulated by the state。

5.If there is any change, the notice of the Ministry of Education shall prevail。

6. Registration Method

1.Registration method: a combination of online registration and online confirmation (on-site confirmation)

1) Online registration: China Graduate Admission Information Website:或者

2Online confirmation (on-site confirmation) : When confirming, it is necessary to provide my second-generation resident ID card, academic certificate and online registration number, confirm the online information and collect my image and other relevant electronic information, and pay the registration fee according to the regulations。The registration information will not be modified after the candidate has confirmed it. The consequences caused by the candidate's filling in the wrong information shall be borne by the candidate。

2.Important time nodes:

1System testing and forecasting:2023924-27Day, every day900-2200

2) Online registration time:2023108-25Day, every day900-2200

3Online confirmation (on-site confirmation) :2022115-10(Refer to the time of previous years, the online confirmation form, time, location and other information is subject to the announcement of provincial education enrollment institutions and registration points。)

4Print the admission ticket: About 10 days before the exam, candidates can download and print the admission ticket by themselves by logging in to the "Research Recruitment website" with their user name and password.。The specific printing time of admission ticket is subject to the notice of "Research Recruitment network"。

7. Exam arrangement

The entrance examination consists of a preliminary examination and a second examination。

(1) Preliminary examination

1.Preliminary test content: Unified entrance examination for professional master's degree in management。

Exam subjects:199Management class joint examination comprehensive ability (total200分)、204 English II (total100分);

2.First test time:20231223Please refer to "Research Recruitment Website" for examination time of each subject.。

(2) Second interview

1.The time, place, scope of content, methods, methods and results of the re-examination will be announced on the website of the Graduate Office of our university。All the re-examination work is generally in4Finish by the end of the month。Foreign language listening and speaking tests are carried out in the second examination, and the results are included in the second examination results。

2.Candidates with the same academic status who apply for the re-examination shall take at least two additional undergraduate main courses related to the registered major, and the additional examination method is written examination。

Viii. Tuition Fees

Please refer to the relevant documents on the website of the Graduate Office of Henan University of Economics and Law for specific tuition fees and grant policies。

9. Degree awarding

After obtaining the required credits and passing the dissertation defense, the master's degree certificate and graduation certificate will be awarded (dual certificate Master's degree).。

Employment after graduation

Directed employment Master graduates return to the directed employment unit after graduation。When graduate students graduate from non-directed employment, they adopt the way of "two-way choice" between graduate students and employers to implement the employment direction。Our school and the provincial graduate employment authorities are responsible for handling the relevant procedures。

11. Other matters

Please pay attention to the website of the Graduate Office of Henan University of Economics and Law in a timely manner. All kinds of information about the enrollment of graduate students in our school are published on this website。

11. Consultation methods

School of Public Administration, Henan University of Economics and Law, Tel:

15037196307   Miss Yang

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