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Integration of production and education, help growth!College of Public Administration and Henan Talent Group jointly build the "digital manpower" lecture hall

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Recently, the College of Public Administration (Huirong College of Human Capital Industry) and Henan Talent Group jointly created a series of "digital manpower" lecture hall activities, and both schools and enterprises gave full play to the advantages of integration of production and education regularly held various forms of academic activities for teachers and students of the whole school. Up to now, two academic activities have been successfully held。The "Digital Manpower" lecture hall has invited Mr. Wang Lijun, deputy general manager of Henan Talent Group, and a large number of well-known industry figures to teach the innovative development and profound changes in the field of digital manpower to the teachers and students of the whole school. The series of activities held in the lecture hall have been praised by the majority of teachers and students。

At present, with the deep integration of big data, artificial intelligence technology and economic and social development, the digital transformation of human resource management industry has been the trend of The Times. How to understand and grasp the development trend of human resource management under the current digital background has become a realistic task and major topic faced by all kinds of organizations and talents。The holding of "Digital manpower" lecture hall activities can better develop students' innovative thinking, effectively improve students' comprehensive application ability of human resource management, and lay a solid foundation for students to adapt to future career development。

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