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School of Public Administration, the 26th training course for active party members

Author: Wen/Ding Shijun Tu/Li Chenyu Time: 2023-10-08 Hits:

To test the theoretical learning of the training course for active party members,Strictly control the quality of party members' development,Under the unified arrangement and deployment of the Party committee of the hospital,October 8, 2023,The completion examination of the 26th training course for active Party members of the School of Public Administration was successfully held in Teaching Section 108 and 109,Our college counselor teachers Chang Weihao, Liang Meixia, Zhao Chang, Wang Ye attended the examination。

Before the exam, the invigilator read out the discipline of the examination room, emphasizing that all candidates must treat the exam with a serious and rigorous attitude and answer in good faith。本次考试采取闭卷形式进行,考试内容紧扣《十大靠谱彩票平台》、党的二十大报告、习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想等相关内容,全方位检验了入党积极分子的理论学习情况,切实提高了入党积极分子的党性修养。During the examination process, all candidates strictly abide by the examination room discipline, calmly and carefully answered, and the entire examination was orderly and serious。

The final examination not only examined the political theory level of the active party members, but also helped the active party members to find out the gaps and make up for the subsequent theoretical study to lay a solid foundation。It is hoped that all the active members of the Party will take this examination as an opportunity to correct the motivation of joining the Party, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, and strive to become a qualified Communist Party member as soon as possible。

(Preliminary review/Wang Ye Review/Li Fang Final Review/Liu Yingjie)

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