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The School of Public Administration held an academic early warning conference

Author: Text/Wang Yujie Photo/Wang Tian Time: 2023-10-17 Hits:

In order to warn students about their academic performance, correct students' learning attitude, and cultivate a good academic style of the college, the School of Public Administration held an academic early warning conference for the first semester of the 2023-2024 academic year at noon on October 17 in Room 115 of the First Teaching Building。The meeting was presided over by counselor Chang Weihao and hosted by the Learning Department of our college. The 2020-2022 academic early warning students participated in the meeting。


At the beginning of the meeting, Teacher Chang Weihao explained in detail the management methods of the department for academic early warning students and pointed out the criteria for yellow, orange and red early warning。He pointed out that the purpose of academic early warning is to help students adjust their learning status and correct their learning methods, so that students can better participate in their study life and promote the smooth completion of their studies. At the same time, he stressed the importance of GPA, explained the correlation between GPA and dual certificates and the necessity of honest answers in exams。Afterwards, Teacher Chang told the students to actively clarify their learning goals, develop good learning habits, plan their studies, and establish the concept of lifelong learning。


The holding of this meeting, so that the students have a deeper understanding of the academic management regulations, but also have a profound understanding of their own problems, so that everyone pays more attention to the future study and life science and reasonable planning。It plays a positive role in promoting the construction of college style of study and examination, improving the quality of teaching management, and providing students with better learning environment and development opportunities。

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