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The School of Public Administration held a class meeting on the theme of "I and Discipline Go together" freshmen entrance education

Author: Wen/Wang Jing Duan Zhixia Tu/Xue Xiangyuan Zhang Yixiao Time: 2023-10-17 Hits:

On the evening of October 17, the School of Public Administration held a class meeting on the theme of "I and Discipline Walk together" freshman entrance education in Yitui 212. The class meeting was designed to help freshmen learn and master various rules and regulations of the school and guide freshmen to realize role transformation。The class meeting was presided over by Hou Linxu, deputy secretary of the Student League Committee, and attended by Liu Lin, director of the Student Union Office and representatives of Grade 23 students。


At the beginning of the meeting, Hou Linxu introduced the campus discipline requirements in study and life to the freshmen representatives present。He mentioned that as a student, we should abide by the basic study discipline, do not miss classes, do not miss classes, study as the center of college life, and understand and seriously abide by the life discipline such as leave procedures and dormitory discipline。In addition, he also shared his own experiences during the university, urging and encouraging freshmen representatives to regulate their behavior with strict disciplinary requirements。In the second item of the meeting, Liu Lin led the freshmen representatives to browse the relevant contents of the freshmen handbook, which focused on the information such as the requirements for double standards of grades at the end of the semester, academic early warning, and scholarship selection requirements。At the end of the meeting, Hou Linxu once again stressed the importance of abiding by the rules and regulations of the university, and hoped that the new students can have a smooth and fulfilling college life。


The holding of this theme class meeting is conducive to strengthening freshmen's awareness of law and discipline and awareness of rules, helping freshmen develop good behavior habits, and laying a solid foundation for creating a good campus discipline environment。

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