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The School of Public Administration held a special lecture on "University Cognitive Education" for freshmen of class 2023

Author: Wen/Lu Yuxin Shan Shen Cong Tu/Yue Qifeng Wu Xiaoyue Time: 2023-10-18 Hits:

In order to guide the freshmen of grade 2023 to successfully complete the role transition from high school to university and adapt to university study life as soon as possible, on October 18, the School of Public Administration invited Mr. Liu Huitao to conduct a seminar entitled "What is University?The special lecture was attended by more than 100 freshmen representatives of the School of Public Administration。

首先,Liu teacher with "university is not a universal charger" leads to college students may face habit and inertia of these two interference,Admonish students not to let bad habits become necessities of life,Don't let tomorrow know tomorrow,Everything goes to waste "thought control yourself,At the same time, through narrating the experience and lessons of seniors and seniors to deepen everyone's understanding。Secondly, Mr. Liu began with "What is university?Teacher Liu pointed out that the university is a place for people to pursue, and everyone should take the initiative to think, constantly pursue, and explore。Then, Teacher Liu asked everyone, "What do universities do??”,Liu said college students need to be clear about their positions,Also to cultivate personality;Pay attention to both physical and mental health,And learn to learn;Make full use of spare time,Throw oneself into,And know how to deal with the relationship between study and life,Find the right direction for your development,Dare to challenge,Dare to explore,self-reliance。Finally, what does Mr. Liu start with to teach students to choose, to learn methods, to think, to dream。

The implementation of this special lecture is to establish the consciousness of students' education responsibility and implement the specific action of freshmen admission education, which is conducive to helping freshmen make clear the study and life plan of the university, and effectively help students integrate into the university, study hard for their goals, and make unremitting efforts。

(Preliminary review/Wang Ye Review/Li Fang Final Review/Liu Yingjie)

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