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The School of Public Administration carries out activities in memory of the martyrs

Author: Photo/Jing Yuzhi Su Qiwen/Liu Xixin Time: 2023-10-22 Hits:

In order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the resistance to the United States and aid Korea, the Youth Volunteer Association of the School of Public Administration of Henan University of Economics and Law went to the Zhengzhou Martyrs Cemetery on October 22 to carry out activities to commemorate the martyrs, cultivate the feelings of the family with practical actions, and add bricks to create a social fashion of respecting heroes。


Castle peak buried loyalty, Cuibai mian hero。On the day of the activity, the person in charge led the volunteers to the martyrs' cemetery to pay respects to the tombstones of the martyrs, review the heroic deeds, and feel the spirit of the martyrs。Visit the historical relics of the revolutionary ancestors and learn about their bloody struggle experience。After listening to the stories of the martyrs, the volunteers took an oath in front of the monument to pay high respect to the people's heroes who died generously and heroically for the motherland。After the visit, the volunteers felt quite deeply and realized more deeply that we should inherit the revolutionary spirit of the martyrs, remember history, do not forget the martyrs, and cherish the good life they exchanged with blood。Inspired by the revolutionary course of our forefathers, we should be full of fighting spirit, forge ahead, carry forward the fine revolutionary tradition, and do our own work wholeheartedly。


This activity aims to commemorate and pay tribute to the heroes, carry forward the heroic deeds, and publicize the spirit of resisting the United States and aiding North Korea and socialist core values。While strengthening the students' red education, we will integrate the spirit of dedication into voluntary service, 踔厉 work hard, carry forward the volunteer spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual help and progress", and help the fire for the construction of a harmonious society。

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