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The employment Service Center of the School of Public Administration regularly publishes recruitment information

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This information includes four enterprises: Gaudon Education, Zhongyun Tianlong Engineering Group Co., LTD., Henan Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company), ZhongOptical Group - Nanyang Lida Optoelectronics Co., LTD. The following is some specific information of the recruitment enterprise:

Gordon Education

Job title: Marketing Management Trainee (1)

Demand specialty: No limitation on major

学历: Undergraduate, fresh graduate


Job requirement

1, good image, good temperament, cheerful and lively personality

2, self-motivated, hoping for long-term development in the company

3, responsible, strong communication skills, student union/community leaders preferred

Responsibility description

1, familiar with the education and training industry market implementation, promotion process, skilled use of various resources to carry out promotion work

2. Establish and maintain the publicity network of colleges and universities, and maintain good cooperative relations

3. Planned, organized and implemented daily campus promotion activities, such as lectures, explanation meetings, etc., effectively promoted the company's brand

4. Can control costs, recruit, train and manage part-time staff

5. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors

Salary and treatmentInternship salary 4000+, permanent basic salary 5500, 13 salary, two days off, 5 insurance and 1 fund, irregular group construction

Contact person: Mr. Zheng 15093379759

Zhongyun Tianlong Engineering Group Co., LTD

地址: 2608, Block C, Shenglong Global Building, Intersection of Qingnian Road and Yufeng Road, Zhengzhou City

Company profile: Comprehensive engineering supervision Grade A,Civil air defense supervision Grade A,Government procurement tendering agent A,Project bidding agent A,Central purchasing Agent A,Construction cost Class A,Engineering consulting Class A,Decoration construction grade I ,Decorative design Class A,Preparation of feasibility study report,Application for special debt,Project third-party acceptance,Judicial appraisal,Software technology research and development,The government is assured, the customers are assured, and the people are assured that the Central Plains digital management leading brand。

Recruitment of majors and places

1. Industrial and Commercial administration (2-3 people)

2, Human resources major (1-2 people)

3, secretary major (1 person)

4, construction, engineering management and other related majors (10-30 people)

Salary and treatment: About 5,000 undergraduate graduates, five insurance, meal allowance

Contact person: Dang Xiuhao 13703925089, 0371-88881296, 88885543, Email: 309809775@QQ.COM

1, in the school as a student cadre or graduate degree personnel is preferred, and as the company's key training objects。

2, construction or engineering management related majors graduates can advance to the company's various business departments or project department internship, internship salary。

Henan Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company)

I. Recruitment plan and conditions

Recruitment plan: See Annex 1 for specific recruitment units, recruitment positions, recruitment numbers and qualification conditions。

Entry requirements

1. Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China, support the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system, and are interested in working in the tobacco industry;

2, law-abiding, good conduct, no bad behavior record;

3. Meet the requirements of education, major and graduation years of the recruitment position。Graduates of ordinary colleges and universities enrolled under the state plan shall obtain their graduation certificates and degree certificates before July 31 of the current year;Graduates of institutions of higher learning abroad shall obtain academic and degree certificates and relevant certification materials between August 1 of the previous year and July 31 of the current year。Has not implemented the employment unit, employment procedures are complete;

4, as of June 30, 2023, the age is not more than 26 years old (born after July 1, 1997), the master's degree can be extended to 28 years old (born after July 1, 1995), the doctor can be extended to 32 years old (born after July 1, 1991)。

5. Excellent academic performance, high comprehensive quality, strong language expression ability, writing ability and communication and coordination ability, strong dedication, responsibility and good professional quality;

6, with the normal performance of the physical conditions, psychological quality。

2. Recruitment procedures

Registration time and registration method

1. Registration time: from 8:30 on April 17, 2023 to 17:30 on April 21, 2023, and submit relevant materials as required。

2, candidates can only choose 1 position to apply for, repeat registration will cancel the eligibility。

3. Please see Attachment 2 for registration and contact information。

Recruitment process: Registration - qualification review - written test - interview - calculation of results - physical examination - signing of employment agreement (detailed process loginHenan Provincial tobacco Monopoly Administration (Company) Recruitment Announcement for College graduates in 2023 _ State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (tobacco)查看)

Treatment guarantee

The recruitment and employment personnel sign labor contracts with the employing units, and implement the remuneration, welfare and social insurance benefits of the employing units。

注:Detailed attachment loginHenan Provincial tobacco Monopoly Administration (Company) Recruitment Announcement for College graduates in 2023 _ State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (tobacco)查看

China Optical Group - Nanyang Lida Optoelectronics Co., LTD

Recruitment position:A Human Resources Officer (Labor Personnel)

Professional requirements:Major in Human resources, Labor and Social security, administration, etc

Welfare treatment: Comprehensive salary 5-7K (interview set salary), state-owned enterprises, five insurance and one fund + double holidays + national holidays + meal allowance + accommodation subsidy + government talent subsidy, etc

Work place: Nanyang Industrial Road

Contact number13098833225 (same as wechat)

Job responsibilities:

1. Established and improved the company's labor and personnel (entry, management and departure) compliance management system according to policies and regulations and combined with company management, carried out the payment and management of the company's employees' social security five insurances and one fund, ensured the reasonable operation and optimization of the social security system, and carried out different insurance management for different types of work;

2. Proficient in various process standards related to labor and personnel, prepare various reports, data, etc., and feed business management;

3. Responsible for handling personnel business, answering personnel consultation, creating a good working atmosphere, and ensuring employees' welfare。

4. Responsible for external liaison work and docking with related external business of human resources department。

Job requirements

1, Bachelor degree or above, human resource management, business administration, labor security, administration and other related majors;

2. Clear logical thinking, strong execution, good communication and expression skills, organization and coordination skills;

3. Careful and serious work, strong affinity, self-motivated, team spirit, and strong personal adaptability and endurance。

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