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School of Public Administration to Yutong Heavy Industry Group to carry out a visit to the enterprise extension activities

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6月18日,Liu Yingjie, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Public Administration, Li Junchao, director of the Administrative Management Teaching and Research Office, Hu Xiaoming, director of the Human Resources teaching and Research Office, and Chang Weihao, counselor, arrived at Yutong Heavy Industry Group,Carry out the activities of visiting enterprises to expand their posts,It aims to promote the in-depth development of school-enterprise cooperation,Develop working ideas,We will deepen thematic education。

At the beginning of the event, Yutong Heavy Industry Group extended a warm welcome to Secretary Liu Yingjie and accompanied him to visit Yutong Heavy Industry Group。At the subsequent symposium, the School of Public Administration introduced the training program of the school and the professional curriculum setting to Yutong Heavy Industry Group。At the same time, Yutong Heavy Industry Group also introduced the development process of the group, the human resources situation of the enterprise, the development direction of the enterprise, business examples and so on。The two sides have in-depth discussions on personnel training goals, deepening school-enterprise cooperation and other aspects to promote common development and achieve complementary advantages。

Through the implementation of this activity, we can better concentrate the superior resources of both sides, effectively educate and guide college students to consolidate their professional foundation, improve their professional skills, and help graduates find high-quality employment。At the same time, it is hoped that the two sides will actively explore new models of cooperation, constantly expand cooperation space and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results。

(First Trial/Retrial by Li Zhengxin/Final Trial by Li Fang/Liu Yingjie)

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