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The School of Public Administration held the 10th "Challenge Cup" Student Entrepreneurship Program Competition works presentation

Author: Text/Guo Linlin Photo/Guo Linlin Time: 2023-06-15 Hits:

In order to help students better prepare for the "Challenge Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the Science and Technology Innovation Association of the School of Public Administration held the 10th "Challenge Cup" College Students Entrepreneurship Plan Competition presentation at 7:30 PM on June 15, 2023。This conference invites Ms. Jin Xiaoting to explain the works and answer questions。


At the beginning of the meeting, Wang Zixing, president of the Science and Technology Innovation Association, introduced the specific process of the presentation to everyone, and then Ms. Jin Xiaoting introduced the basic content of the competition works with two excellent works as examples。Emphasis is placed on how to develop the main contents of the product introduction part, the marketing model part and the financial analysis part of the work。At the same time, it also emphasizes the logic of the analysis of small pick works。After introducing the content of the work, teacher Jin Xiaoting also proposed the reference ideas and the development direction of the work with her own life experience and experience。Miss Jin Xiaoting's explanation introduced all the elements that a complete business plan should have for the students。Subsequently, Wang Zixing, president of the Science and Technology Innovation Association, made some supplements and reminders to everyone according to his own experience in the competition, and focused on the content of "learning" and "team"。Finally, each participating group actively consulted Ms. Jin Xiaoting, and the teacher gave guidance on the topic selection of each participating group。


Through the explanation of the outstanding entries, the presentation of the Challenge Cup deepened the understanding of the participating team members on the business plan, provided a good opportunity for students to communicate and exchange with teachers, and laid a solid foundation for students to achieve excellent results。

(First Trial/Retrial by Li Zhengxin/Final Trial by Li Fang/Liu Yingjie)

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