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Dialogue with history, record the mark of The Times 2023-07-22 

The practice team bid farewell to Gao Cun and continue to explore new ways of rural governance 2023-07-21 

Focus on rural revitalization and promote rural education - Practice team interviews the principal of Gaocun 2023-07-20 

Follow Yang twilight call, service around the elderly 2023-07-19 

Revitalize rural education and empower rural revitalization 2023-07-19 

Remembrance and homesickness 2023-07-18 

The practice team goes deep into Gaocun: Convenience supermarket promotes rural revitalization 2023-07-18 

Field visits to local enterprises to explore a new model of township development 2023-07-17 

Accompany the octogenarian, listen to the youth story 2023-07-17 

Pottery has a long history, and modern times add new color 2023-07-16 

Caizi into the red hot land, to promote the construction of rural culture 2023-07-15 

Hecai students visit Gao Village to help the village develop and grow 2023-07-15 

Cross time and space dialogue, treasure old memories 2023-07-15 

Go deep into the home scattered practice, explore the new era of young people's marriage and love 2023-07-15 

Personal interview analysis, listen to the heart to resonate 2023-07-15 
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